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  • Graduate of the United States Military Academy
  • Officer in the United States Army
  • Successful Sales Professional/Trainer: Presidents Club
  • United States Olympian
  • Successful Manager/Leader
  • Successful Executive and Life Coach

About Elexa Orrange-Allen

Elexa Orrange-Allen, founder and CEO of LEAP Coaching and Speaking (C&S) LLC, has extensive qualifications in coaching. She is a certified John Maxwell coach, speaker, and trainer as well as a Birkman and Myers Briggs certified consultant. On top of these impressive credentials, Elexa believes it is her  professional career and life experiences that give her the edge as she lives out her passion of  “helping individuals and organizations become the best version of themselves.”

Elexa began her journey of self-growth and leadership development as a cadet at the United States Military Academy. She continued to cultivate self-discipline, accountability, and drive during her service as a finance officer and leader in the United States Army. Elexa’s “leap of faith” came when she left the military to become the best version of herself as she pursued her goal of making the 1996 Olympic Team in track and field. During her years of training and competing, Elexa continued to gain leadership experience as a motivational speaker and coach to track and field athletes. She leapt to success, representing the United States in the 1995 World Championships in Gothenburg Sweden, and in the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, GA.

After the Atlanta games, Elexa transitioned her considerable leadership and relationship-building strengths to the sales profession. She  earned the distinction of President’s Club Award winning sales professional in the healthcare and recognition and rewards industries. Elexa ‘s passion for helping others was demonstrated as she served in trainer and manager roles in the sales industry. With experience working at all levels, Elexa has an in-depth knowledge of what it takes to achieve personal and corporate goals at start-up size companies as well as large, industry-leading organizations.

Elexa lives in Houston, TX  with her husband. They have two lovely daughters and two sons. Elexa holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and a Masters of Education degree in Counseling. Elexa enjoys spending time with family and friends, volunteering and making a difference in the community, reading, traveling,  and working out.

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